SAT/ACT Preparation

Our bread and butter product. The SAT and the ACT are necessary evils, although some would argue that they are becoming less necessary every year. To be honest, we sure hope so, but that’s a different argument.

We offer our programs below as starting points for your student’s ideal testing program. More than likely, your student’s customized program will fall between these three guidelines:

The Independent

2-4 specifically targeted lessons, recommended 90 minutes each. Let us know what your goals are and we’ll set up a plan for you, whether your student’s goal is to obtain a deeper understanding of complex material learned from a Princeton Review class or to create an efficient study plan for their own longer term study.

The Standard

6-8 math lessons and 6-8 verbal lessons, recommended 90 minutes each. A majority of our programs fall in the medium length range.

The Extensive

If your student needs longer-term support, we offer programs of 10 math and 10 verbal lessons or longer.