We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

Ashland Prep, an online tutoring company based in Venice, CA, is looking for 1-1, online instructors to work with our students via Zoom. Work is 100 percent remote. Instructional pay starts at $100/hr. You will also be compensated for training and lesson preparation.

We’re looking for the following in our ideal candidate:

1). 99th percentile scores on at least one section of these standardized tests: ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT. If you don’t have a 99th percentile score, but you’re close, please still consider applying.
2). Demonstrated academic ability in other academic subjects besides standardized testing
3). Professionalism in written communication — presentation matters!
4). Willingness to undergo an extensive training and interview process. We take our time hiring: the process may take up to 100 hours and six months before you receive your first student at the rate above.
5). Demonstrated passion for things outside of academics and standardized testing. This could be something as simple as Boba tea or the LA Clippers (our founder’s favorite team, unfortunately for him).
6). Desire to work long-term with us, whether as a tutor or in a role you can grow into as Ashland Prep grows.
7). A bank and an address in the United States: we’re currently not equipped to accept non-US Citizens or full-time international candidates, although you may still live abroad while working with us as long as you fulfill the requirements above.

How to apply:

Please email hiring@ashlandprep.com with a .pdf attachment of your resume, as well as a brief letter in the body of the email describing your background and interest in Ashland Prep.

About us:

Ashland Prep was officially founded in April 2019 to address the need for high-quality, online-only educational instruction. Whether families work with us for standardized testing preparation or for academic help, we hope to deliver students a consistent, interactive, and engaging tutoring experience. Our emphasis on student engagement begins in our hiring process and extends through constant training and feedback.