Ashland Prep’s free practice test schedule through Winter 2020/Spring 2021

Ashland Prep’s free practice test schedule through Winter 2020/Spring 2021

Ashland Prep Winter/Spring 2020 Complimentary Practice Tests and FAQ

We’re Ashland Prep, an online tutoring company based in Venice, CA specializing in 1-on-1 and small group online instruction. As part of our service, Ashland will be hosting free online practice ACTs and SATs through Winter 2020/Spring 2021 for the classes of 2022 and 2023.

Please choose from the following dates, which all start at 9 am PT/12 pm ET. Please register by emailing 5 days prior to your chosen test date, to allow time to ship the paper tests to you. Questions about our tutoring process can be directed to

Practice test dates below:

November 7
November 14
December 5
December 12
January 2
January 9
February 6
February 13
March 6
March 13
April 3
April 10

To register, please email with the subject heading “Winter/Spring 2020 Practice Tests” and the following information:

– Your student’s name
– Test dates you would like your student to sign up for
– Primary parent contact’s name
– Class year
– Which test your student would like to take (ACT, SAT, both)
– Any previous practice test or PSAT score reports
– A physical mailing address to send the exams
– Phone number, if you or your student would like to have a conversation after the exams about the scores. Please specify if the phone number is the student’s or parent’s

These free practice tests include:

1). Printing and shipping of a real SAT and ACT practice test directly to the address of your choice
2). Live, online proctoring from Ashland Prep tutors and staff through Zoom
3). A detailed, printable PDF score report for the ACT and/or SAT practice tests
4). A customized written analysis of the data with recommendations via email
5). A phone call/Zoom call regarding your student’s results is also available upon request.

Once you are confirmed, further instructions will be emailed in the week after each deadline.

Ashland Prep ACT and SAT testing FAQ:

1). How has COVID changed college testing requirements?

Many colleges have begun to employ “test-optional” policies. The trend towards test-optional was already occurring in previous years, and COVID has accelerated this trend. At this moment, it’s difficult to say how test-optional policies will factor into admissions. Test-optional still means that test scores can be factored into admissions, while students who choose not to submit will not be penalized for their decision to not submit. Specifically, taking the SAT or ACT can only help your student’s chances. However, it’s important to be strategic and understand which colleges will view your students’ scores positively and which ones would not. Your MUS college counselors will help your student understand how testing fits in your student’s overall application strategy.

Please note that test optional should not be confused with the phrase “test blind.” A college with test-blind admissions policies will not even consider SAT or ACT scores — even in circumstances where students submit scores. As of this writing, most universities in the top 50 in the US News and World Report rankings report that they will be using test optional, rather than test blind, policies. Over time, we anticipate more schools will begin employing test-blind policies, rather than their current test-optional policies. However, this trend will likely not impact the classes of 2023 and 2022.

2). My student just wants to take the SAT (or ACT) practice test. Is that okay?

We recommend your student takes both the practice ACT and the SAT practice tests, unless they have data from real tests or practice tests that can be used for assessment. Once your student has data from both the practice ACT and SAT, then your student should prepare for only the exam he or she is best at. If the scores are about equal on both practice tests, then your student can choose the test of his or her preference.

3). Do students need to actually study for both exams, take both and submit them both to colleges?

No! The purpose of taking a practice ACT and SAT at the same time is for your student to compare results and choose one test to focus on. Your student will not earn bonus points for submitting scores from both exams. An SAT or ACT and two subject tests will satisfy the requirements of almost every school in the country, including the most competitive. Since you don’t necessarily know what school you may be interested in by the time applications are due from November through January of your senior year, it’s best to fulfill the “minimum recommended” requirements for testing.

4). What is the difference between these practice tests and the PACT/PSAT?

The PSAT and PACT are shorter, easier versions of the practice SAT and ACT that your student will take with Ashland Prep. The PSAT is used for scholarships for the highest scoring students early junior year, while the PACT has no immediate repercussions. There is no more accurate assessment available to understand students’ testing needs then full-length practice tests directly from the ACT and the College Board, which Ashland Prep will be providing.

5). How long are these tests?

Plan for about 4 hours of time.

6). Will my student have to do the essays on these practice tests?

These practice exams are multiple choice only. However, for the real ACT or SAT, your student should still take the test with the essay. As long as your student can write a C-grade essay, he or she can focus more on the multiple choice components in their preparation. Colleges are mostly using the essays to look for significant discrepancies in students’ grades and their standardized testing scores/writing ability.

7). What if I already have a tutor/took a test once/began the testing process?

That’s okay! These tests are still valuable. There is no obligation to work with Ashland Prep after the tests are over and your student’s scores have been received, or to even have a conversation with them after to discuss results. If you have taken official practice tests before, please email with your results so they can avoid giving you a practice test you may have already taken.

8). What if I can’t make any of the above dates?
We’ll be happy to still send out the test forms and grade them, and provide instructions for proctoring online using a Youtube video. As long as your student follows the guidelines, then the Youtube video will provide a similar experience to our online live proctoring. However, straying from the video can produce inaccurate results. To hold your student accountable, we recommend using our live proctoring service for at least your students’ first attempt at these exams.